Football & Pozole, Great fun!! Delicious Party meal idea with friends!!

Gotta Love the Patriots! Living Here in Maine, most everyone loves the Patriots football team including our family!! Tonight we watched the game with friends and had so much fun!! My daughter borrowed my Patriots shirt, my son had a Patriots beanie on and so Bruno didn’t get left out my kiddos made him a shirt! Too cute! Lol!!

For dinner/game day food we had chicken pozole!! To add atop our Pozole we had shredded cabbage, sliced radishes, diced onion, lime wedges and tortilla chips..we also had mexican red rice!! My husband added cheese to his which is not a traditional topping but he loved it..yummy!! We also had an assortment of chips and dips!!! My favorite being a layered bean, sour cream and salsa dip!! Yumm!,

I love it when my friends have seconds, and/or thirds!, I know most people have wings, pizza,  nachos and stuff like that which is great, but why not just make something with more alittle more substances and maybe less calories!!

You can’t go wrong having Pozole anytime!!! Tonight we enjoyed our company, meal and the game!! Thanks for reading and visiting 🙂 hope you’re enjoying your family, friends, and game night too!!


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