Best Brownie Mixes!! Dark Chocolate & Gluten free!! Both delicious!!



Ghirardelli is my favorite brownie mix to use, especially the dark chocolate!! Hands down this is the easiest dessert to make too, so having a box or two on hand is always a great thing 🙂

From scratch brownies are pretty easy to make but if your short on time and supplies, a box mix is the best alternative!!

Today however I was presented with an additional challenge, what to do for dessert when one of your friends visiting are gluten free!! Yikes!!! So as I’m walking thru the isles at the grocery store, this box mix jumps out at me, ok… I was so excited,  it’s exactly what I needed!! And let me tell you, I haven’t had many gluten free products but this was so delicious!! I added a dash of cinnamon, chili powder and a dash of instant espresso powder for that extra yummy, what is that flavor surprise!! Also it makes for a gourmet taste!! I made the gluten free brownies with an additional egg which comes out more like a cake, loved that the directions for that were on the box !! Totally yummy!!


So now I think I have two favorite box mixes 🙂 hope this helps you when your entertaining!! Another d when youre cooking for your gluten free friend!! She loved the brownies too!!

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