Traditional Maine lunch!! Lobster roll included, ideas to have your own!

I was invited to join friends for lunch today, what a joy!! It’s always special to be the one invited, even though I love entertaining 😉 Thanks so much Bob and Michele!!


Lunch today was truly delightful!! A traditional Maine Meal!! Seafood chowder made with shrimp, and topped with oyster crackers!! Delicious!! A Lobster roll and green salad to go with it!! Thank you!
For dessert; fruit and Whoopi Pies!! The table setting was very east coast style with the plaid table-cloth!! Totally Loved it!!
I’ve always loved Lobster but today was the first lobster roll I’ve ever had, it was truly delicious!! Not even at McDonald’s!! Yes they serve it at McDonald’s around here when it’s in season, I believe it’s in the summer!!
So if you want to plan a special meal for your loved ones, this Maine Meal is truly special!! You can find easy chowder recipes online and pick up frozen lobster tails or fresh Maine lobsters if you live around here, find an easy recipe and make your own lobster rolls! Some places ship as well… like always fresh in Auburn Maine!!  You can sometimes pick up lobster roll filling at most grocery stores or convenient stores that have deli’s here in Maine. Or of course you can always order lobster rolls from these deli’s too!! Funny even the neighborhood store down the road from us sells lobster rolls!!!  Wherever you may be found it is possible to purchase 🙂 Your guests will love it!!


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