Enjoying a fruit cup on the beach, & taking out the surfboard!!

Our first beach day!! Woo hoo!! It was chilly, the water was coooold but it was so beautiful & it was nice to hang out with friends 🙂

The most exciting part of today was my son using his gift, a surf board!! Woo hoo!! Although there were no waves, it was fun watching him go out!! Ha…We didn’t realize he needed wax for his board so he didn’t have it this time. so we’ll have to order it online for next time!!

I’ve always wanted to surf, but it’s been fun learning the techniques with him on YouTube!! Thanks to all those surfer dudes who are learning too!! I’ve always wanted to go to California & learn to surf there but now I know you can surf in Maine too!! Yay!!! It’s going to be fun learning along side my son & hope to get my own board soon!! Anyone else interested in surfing? I’m 43 but hey your never to old to learn new tricks, right? I hope not!! 😆 😆

Our snack of the day was a delicious fruit cup!! Ours was made with one pineapple, small container of blueberries, and 1/2 a watermelon!! Yummy!! 😋 It is delicious to enjoy cut up fruit kept cold on the beach, its refreshing and so colorful!! It’s fun to share too!! My kiddos & I loved it. As well as my friends we shared with 🙂

So we’re having a fantastic start to our summer, hope yours is going well too!!

Thanks for visiting, Have a wonderful day!!

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