Baby Robin update!

Hello everyone, how’s everyone doing? Are you enduring this heatwave? Hope you’re well & keeping cool!! Today’s post is an update on our neighborhood Robin babies!! A cute video alert, it’s short but you’ll see the 2 remaining baby Robins! Unfortunately we lost one a couple days ago. It must have fallen out of the nest & being it was so hot, sadly it didn’t make it. We found it later quite a ways from the nest!! It didn’t have a chance, we hadn’t been outside because it was so hot! If we were outside we could have seen & rescued it but sadly that wasnt the case! Poor thing!

When we checked the nest today, the other two were doing fine!! It’s been fun watching as the parents work hard to feed their babies!! So cute!! These guys have grown so fast!! It’s been fun watching them grow up, maybe soon the nest will be empty as they fly away with their parents 🙂

Til then we’ll enjoy this beautiful blessing!!

Here’s the short video, enjoy friends!!

Thanks for visiting!! Have a great day!!

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