Don’t focus on what you can’t do, enjoy the spectacular sunsets!!

Yes, it’s so important that you focus on what you can do! How often does thinking and dwelling and feeling sorry for ourselves helped ?? Why not Change our mindset when we have limitations or struggles!! We have so many things we can all enjoy, like this beautiful sunset and so many other things!! Can you think of some things?? Also in some situations our circumstances can change!!! But even if they don’t, focus on the positive!!

Yesterday we took Grandpa fishing, I couldn’t fish with the boys on the pier, I love fishing but even though I couldn’t cast and reel in a bug one, I could enjoy my son/daughter and enjoy the beautiful sunset!! It was a gorgeous evening!!

I’ve had some restrictions put on me for about a week now and slowly getting back into my routine, but what I’ve learned from my many health challenges throughout my life is to focus on the positive! And when I get down, I have to remind myself and change my mindset!! I love the website too, it’s  been wonderful to listen to positive information and spiritual things!!

Also surround yourself with positive people!! Can’t tell you enough how much this helps!! I live my kiddos and they inspire me to have fun!! I’m sure you have wonderful people you know As well!!

So no matter what your going thru, enjoy the gorgeous  sunsets!

Heres are a few  picture!!


Thanks for visiting, Have a wonderful day!!!




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