Staying calm & nothings ruining this Angolan reception, not even the stormy weather!

Im just going to say, I love how cool and calm people handle adversity…….with Style!! I want to strive to be more like them and not run around like a chicken with its head cut off.. (wow, that’s an awful phrase… lol!) Probably you  can relate!!! Here’s a real story of some pretty awesome People!!

Despite a wild weather day for an outdoor wedding reception, my friends will have an amazing and adventurous story to tell for the rest of their life!! Lol!!

Yesterday a friends Wedding reception was rained out and literally almost swept away, tents and all!! My friends were married in California at the end of August but wanted to return to Maine to celebrate with friends!!

The plan was to have an outdoor reception near the ocean under tents! It would have been so beautiful!! It would have been so much fun too!! But the wind and rain totally changed those plans!! Poor things! Everything was set up inside the tents when the weather worsened….the tents were caving in and the supporting bars were breaking in half!! Oh my!!


So the plan didn’t work, everything was set up so beautifully inside too!! The neat part was everyone present helped to take things down and move things to plan b location which was in the basement!! Which turned out to be a great place, it’s amazing what covering things with tablecloths can do… for example the washer Machine!! Lol!!!


The bride and Groom were so graceful about everything..she was even helping take things down just as much as he was!! No tears or frustration, she was happy as can be! Loved seeing that!¡ His speech was loving, thoughtful and appreciative too!! They just adapted to the circumstances!! No worries.. after changing out of thier drenched clothes they cleaned up nicely! He was in a tux and she was in a black and white dress, she looked beautiful!! They literally weathered their first storm together!! Aww….

The Food!!

Can I tell you how amazing the food was!! I love Angolan food, and boy o boy did they have Angolan food,,

one of the dishes my friend Elsa taught me how to prepare last year is called Moamba…oh so delicious, it’s a chicke stew seasoned and made with peanut butter!! This was the favorite for me last night!, Yummy!!

The Angolan Palate is similar to a Mexican palate because they eat rice and beans also…but their beans are prepared with palm oil which is abit different than our Mexican beans!! But still so yummy.. you see it here and also black beans.. and beans with like a sausage,,,

So we had a wonderful time celebrating with friends and this wonderful couple who were so thankful for everyone coming out despite the bad weather!! There was a whole lot of love under one (house) roof, it was awesome! We were glad to be a part of it and all the fun!, Also to see the positive and calmness involved with the whole thing..and the need for everyone to be adaptable…..the rain couldn’t wash that away!! So instead of an outdoor reception they had an awesome house party instead!! Wild and fun!!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!!


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