Vegan Taco salad…yumm!!

I have to say, it is a little nerve-wracking to eat salad these days with E. coli lurking, but stores are still stocking lettuce and we’re still eating salad!! At least I am, today I’m sharing a very yummy salad recipe for you! Great for those on a vegan diet, and vegetarian diet or want to eat more veggies to your diet! 🙂 This salad Is absolutely 😋 delicious!! 

I’ve been trying to eat a more plant-based diet with chicken and fish occasionally…I’m proud to say it’s improved my asthma and acne, and surprisingly I lost 10 lbs!, loved that special bonus! This is one of my Fav salad recipes!


Vegan and low fat!! My vegan taco salad made with homemade fat free refríed beans!! Cucumber, celery, onions, beans, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette!! Yummy!! Also oven made tortilla chips!! I absolutely love this!! . .
2 cups spring salad mix
1/2 cucumber, diced
1 Roma tomato
1/4 small yellow onion
Balsamic vinaigrette
1/2-1cup fat free refried.. homemade mashed slightly with liquid.. if using canned microwave in container add alittle water to pouring consistence.. but still thick enough to stay together.

For tortilla chips.. bake 2 corn tortillas on baking sheet at 375 for apx 10 mins.. check for correct crunchiness!! Makes a very large salad!! Perfect for a hungry me!! Adjust accordingly..
. For added yummy goodness a diced up avocado would be delightful, for those needing more protein, grilled chicken would be delicious too!! #vegan, #veganrecipes, #veganrecipes, #flexitarian, #flexitariandiet, #salad, #balsamicvinaigrette, #healthy, #delicioso, #yummyfood


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