Comfort food kinda day, what is your favorite comfort food?

What is your comfort food?? With Maine’s windy chilly weather today and some moving developments, I was in need of some comfort!! One of my My favorite comfort food is Beans & Rice! It’s plant based too, Vegetarian & Vegan if you omit chicken broth that I used in the rice and is totally a complete meal!! Yay!

This is My Beans and Rice with Guacamole and home made baked low fat tortilla wedges! Salsa not pictured 🙂 this is a 15 bean soup mix and Mexican Red Rice with corn, mi favorito!! I love this mix of beans……I always omit the packaged seasoning and add my own 🙂 . I also always cook with lots of onions and garlic too! Yumm….



Hope you have a great evening and enjoy your day! Thanks for visiting, liking and following!

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