Windows & trim Moving fun and inspection selling challenges, day 20!

So the countdown continues! If your new to my blog, we’re selling our three family apartment building we live in and finishing and moving to our home in the country, a ranch style single level home! So much excitement and yet some challenges… some good and some not so good but trying not to get overwhelmed, because nothing’s impossible, right!! Right!

Well start off with the good news, wonderful progress at the country home!! So excited! Window trim is going in and trim going up!! 4 Solid core doors went in!! Cant believe we have a door in the bathroom!! So exciting!! Things like that make me happy! Lol!

We also have the best guys on the job! Our buddy Andre and my hubby!! Huge thanks to them both!!

Window trim inserted window frame..
Bathroom door! I’m excited!!
Priming & Cutting Trim! Thanks Andre!!


Get going girl! Only three??

Packing is coming along, started off with three boxes filled with cookbooks, and baking equipment and now up to 8-10 boxes, 2 bags of trash and a big bag of goodwill items!


Apartment building sale

When a buyer uses a FHA loan, inspections are done and more requirements are needed to fulfill before a home can be purchased. When the inspection report came this morning unfortunately one of the things needing correction is the exterior peeling paint, primarily our trim!! And some interior painting on two of the porches!!

One way to get around making corrections as a seller is for the buyer to cover and correct deficiencies using an escrow account. We did this when we purchased the apartment building to begin with, which is interesting or the seller can just make corrections or fund the escrow account for buyer. So that’s where we’re at, deciding what to do!!

So this really is just a bump in the road we didn’t expect, the problem is we have a limited time to correct this and a lot of things to complete in less than three weeks not to mention we have a three-story Victorian!! So it’s a not an easy  job due to the height of our building!

Just think of our story like watching a show and the dramatic music starts to play!! Hahaha.. So stay tuned to find out what we decide… to correct  inspection report!

Thanks for visiting, following, sharing and liking my posts! Have a wonderful evening!!




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