When you weren’t fully ready to move in or out!! Our boxed wall!!

Hello there!! As I’m writing this I’m realizing I’m so tired…we’ve done a lot of organizing, laundry and purging today but so happy to finally move most of our boxes out of our new living spaces!!

Filled Moving Boxes all over the place is the worst i think, i feel because you’re among clutter, lots and lots of clutter!!  Clutter has a way of creating stress and disorder!! I hate it!! I’m sure you do also!!

The pantry is all done!! Yay!! So most of the kitchen things are put away… but we need to put in bookshelves and more cabinets to hold and organize things!! So until then most of the boxes are going in the basement!! I’m so Proud of The hubby organizing and Doing most of the work while I worked in the laundry area….The boxes are mostly off the floor of a cement basement but those that aren’t are plastic!! My husband made a platform for cardboard boxes, which worked perfectly!!


So because we sold our apartment building before we were quite ready to move we had to throw everything in boxes and move!! Lol!!  So slowly but surely I hope to find a home for all this stuff even if it’s goodwill or the dump!! So that’s what we’re up to over in outback woods, thanks so much for visiting and following along!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day and if you’re doing any spring/summer cleaning enjoy my friends!! Its hard work but It’s totally worth it!!


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