Dinner with friends, football & easy desert!!

Dinner with friends, isn’t it so much fun!! I love our pals that have become our Pandemic family!! I hope you have friends like that too!! Do you like watching football?? I love it!! Sadly I didn’t watch the buccaneers game live but they did win!! Woo hoo!!

We watched parts of two games!! We watched the Patriots & they lost!! And the other was the 49ers, & they won woo hoo!! They just happened to be on after the Patriots game, The 49ers are my dads team!!

My friend made a yummy chicken & rice dinner with salad & some tasty fried potatoes!!

For dessert, Betsy made like a lime pie which was yummy!! I brought Along a simple & tasty dessert!! it was a plant based vanilla pie with a blueberry topping!! If I had whipped cream it would have been even more special but it was delicious just the same!!

Vanilla pudding with fruit Pie!!

What do you do when you are invited for dinner & want to bring something along?? Well put together a pie!! With the frozen pie crust in the freezer, pudding in the pantry & blueberries in the freezer!! & bam!! This came our delicious! I just substituted the regular milk or coconut/almond milk in the pudding recipe!!


Pie ingredients

2 frozen pie crusts

2 bananas, sliced

1 package vanilla pudding

2 cups almond milk

2 cups frozen blueberries

1 tbsp maple syrup

1tbsp corn starch

2 tbsp water



1-Bake crust according to package

2-prepare pudding according to package, replace plant milk for regular milk

3-in medium saucepan, place blueberries, sugar, maple syrup & cornstarch on medium. Add 1 tbsp water, Bring to boil, then turn down until sauce thickens.

4. With one of the pie crust, (unfortunately i overcooked one of the pie crust so ommit the overcooked pieces, lol)break into small pieces. slice bananas into small pieces.

5. Fill the other pie crust with pudding, add pie crust pieces, bananas & blueberries!!

This was a delicious & easy to put together pie!! Enjoy!!

Have fun & hope you can keep warm the next couple days!! It’s supposed to be coold!! Brrrr!!


Hope you’re enjoing winter!!

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