Lewiston Strong!!! A much calmer day in Maine..

It’s only been less than a day after the announcement was made that the hunt for the mass shooter had ended here in Maine!! He was found last night, he had taken his own life! 


It’s been a difficult couple of days, helicopters searching overhead & anxiety running high in Maine!! & Many businesses & schools closed 🙂 so today there was a sign of relief, the fear had subsided that a threat was still out there!  Today even hunters could go back into the woods without any restricted areas & the weather was absolutely gorgeous too!! There was a feeling of normalcy & hopefulness too! 

So here a video with an update & beautiful scene of the Portland Headlight!! 

Also a huge shout out to medical & local & State authorities who have helped with the search & helping victims the last few days!! Also the Lewiston school district for the communication & community resources that have been offered!! They’ve put out an outstanding letter including information regarding; Helping Children with Mass Violence, which is outstanding! Thank you for all you do!! 

So as the community & ourselves  heal, I hope you can find comfort & spend time with loved ones & show them how much you care & take care of yourself!! 




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