How Generosity touches everyone’s heart, including Mine!!

Have you seen those TikTok videos where the fella is giving money to strangers, most times it’s like 1000 dollars?? If you’re like me, it’s some of my favorites to watch!! I get get so emotional & love seeing how people react, they are so appreciative!! It often brings tears to their eyes & mine too!!  It’s such a treat to see this beautiful exchange isn’t it!? 

Have you been on the receiving end of something like this though?

We’ll here’s my story,  I was so thankful & overwhelmed by it all, it was something I couldn’t believe was happening!! No it wasn’t 1000 dollars but it felt like that, a Man named Acran paid for my TJ Max purchase!! It was so sweet of him, A perfect stranger displaying kindness towards me! I couldn’t believe it!!

On this day, I was treating myself to a new dress, gifts for some friends, a curling iron and make up!! It so happened to be before a special function so I was splurging!! So a huge Thank you, thank you to Acran!! 

This has never happened to me, & I felt so odd accepting this gift!! Honestly I wasn’t sure If I should!! Isn’t that funny?? Some people often reject something like this but I’m learning to be accept kindness & generosity!!  I had made a new friend & he wanted to thank me!This kind soul was just showing his generous spirit, & letting me know if I needed anything to reach out to him! He was just someone I struck up a conversation with, we talked about food, I can’t remember where he was from! I could tell he spoke an other language because he had a strong accent & we talked about food from his country!! He was just passing thru from Massachusets I believe he said!! 
As I was putting my stuff on the counter to pay, he leans over & hands me his credit card! & says “I pay for you”! I wasn’t sure what to do, but the lady at another counter said she paid for someone’s meal before & the associate behind the counter said that it was very sweet!! So I gracefully accepted!!  

I was so shocked I couldnt even talk!! Hahaha I told him I “videod” him!! In other words I recorded the moment 🙂 aww thanks so much!! It brought tears to my eyes 🙂 

So you can see that any act of kindness, even small  ones or big ones like this one are so heartwarming  🙂  Huge thank you to Acran!! This man made my year!! Hahaha 

Hope you’re well & maybe just maybe we can make someone else’s day today or soon!! It doesn’t have to cost much. Even a smile, a call, a gift 🙂 flowers?? can you think of someone that needs a pick me up??  Or even a random stranger?? 



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