Possibilities in now Possible, a cute opossum rescue!!

Yesterday was an exciting day!!  Im so happy and relieved that our Opossum we found the other day has been taken to a wildlife Rehabilitator!!  The women was so knowledgeable and experienced with him, she made me feel confident he was going to be ok!!  She scooped him right up, examined him, even noticed he had a bruised leg.  She also agreed he was pretty banged up!!  She thought he was about 3 months old. She said he would be put in an incubator and checked for dehydration! What!! I’ve taken this little critter to a hospital for wildlife! Yay!!

Yesterday’s post:Sweet dreams, hoping possibility makes it through the night!! An opossum story!!

We had named him possibility but now we know for sure it’s a boy so we thought possible would  suit him better!! Lol!!

Possible, the opossum!!

Finding local licensed wildlife Rehabilitators

The definition of Rehabilitate is to restore to a condition of good health, so a wildlife Rehabilitator would work at providing aid to injured, orphaned, displaced or distressed wild Animals and help them return to the wild!!

interestingly if you find an injured or orphaned wildlife you can find someone in your state for rehabilitation. The goal of these amazing volunteers and human beings is to eventually release them back into the wild. You can find  Rehabilitators in your area by visiting  Humanesociety and looking under wildlife Rehabilitator or you can also get information thru your Game Warden!!

Heres a sign from this home facility I thought was cool!!


So as we drove home, kids and the hubby and myself, we were so happy and relieved to find a safe place for possible! He was in good hands, I had worried about him when he was outside & wounded, so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about him anymore 🙂 although we don’t know what the future holds for him, at least we tried to help him 🙂

Thank you Jen from Misfits Rehab @ misfitsrehab.org

If you’d like to help wounded or injured wildlife like “possible” and would like to make a donation to a nonprofit organization or find out more information visit  misfitsrehab.org.org. She has 27 baby opossums right now plus “possible” 🙂

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