Putty in your hair solution, It will totally wow you!!

Special thanks Last night to Racheltheadoro.com for her helpful hint, using coconut oil to get putty out of hair!! Worked like magic!! I’m telling you , thanks to the wonderful internet for life’s little emergencies!! My 9 yr old doesn’t have to get a funky hairdo to remove that gunk on the left side of her hair!! Yay!!

clear glass container with coconut oil
Photo by Dana Tentis on Pexels.com

So if you ever get silly puddy in your hair now you know what to do!! Just rub the coconut into the tangled mixture… use brush to comb it out, gently of course then wash out!! It practically disintegrates the putty!!


Btw it was the glow in the dark type puddy that caused this trouble, so warning don’t take to bed with you, you will be tempted to play with it and it may end up in your hair too!! 😂 Lol!! Thanks for reading!! AY yayay!!

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