Fishing Fun, so excited about my catch!!

Super excited to share my day with you all!! We had an amazing time going fishing as a family today!! I caught my first Stripper!! It’s a type of bass fish…It wasn’t the legal size limit but was almost 18 inches, fat one Too!! That was Super duper awesome!! I’m a very vocal when excited person if you didn’t already know that, so there was a lot of screaming when I reeled this in!!

Most of us caught something except for poor grandpa but it’s ok, we had a blast laughing at what he did catch…. a great story of the one that got away and somebody else’s line w a fish on theirs!! Hahaha!! My husband and son caught Mackerel!! Yay!! They did great too!!



We spent the day in gorgeous Kennebunkport Maine, it was a beautiful fall day!! We were so glad it warmed up!!

So we spent the day out in the elements, so we’re all good and ready to get some rest and curl up in our blankets after our late dinner… thanks for reading, best wishes in your fishing and outdoor adventures!!


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