Beautiful Kennebunkport Maine, Walkers Point & Beaches!! Love this place!

Scenery at Walkers Point, Kennebunkport Maine!! Don’t you just Love beautiful landscapes?? Love the Ocean too!!


A visit to Kennebunkport is not complete without visiting Walkers Point and where the summer retreat of 41st president of the United States George W Bush was located and is still where the family compound stands and can be viewed from Ocean Avenue!! I think this is Very cool, Do you see it in the distance??  I love driving by this area, the views are stunning all along this road!! What do you think?? I just love the rocky coast!!


02E30213-6D58-4BB2-88A0-2E2E9A595E1F.jpegSo after our day of fishing at the jetty we enjoyed all the views around us including ocean drive.. and Kennebunkport beaches!!! I’m so happy to share these pics with!! It makes my heart happy to enjoy, reflect and breath in the ocean air!! There’s just something so special about the Sea!! It’s so relaxing and inspiring!! Fishing is also a great activity for yourself and the family!!

The “Jetty”


Beautiful Beaches!!


Thanks for visiting hope you’re having an awesome day!! 😘😘😘

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