Living in the moment Walk!! Gorgeous views along the lake!!

Living in the moment is a wonderful thing to practice, taking the time to notice the small things, being thankful and being present with all your senses!! I think probably all of us can practice this more fully!!

For me it is such a wonderful feeling to go for a walk in the woods and enjoy everything you see…here’s yesterday’s walk along the lake pictures!! Hope you enjoy them and hope this post encourages you to live in the moment!!



Living in the moment is all I could think of as I walked along the lake, .what a wonderful concept, reflecting on just what’s in front of you and around you, using your senses and taking it all in, and experiencing the joy of the moment! 

Often times though we are so overwhelmed with life’s stress and anxiety and take for granted those around us especially people we love and surroundings including where we live or drive……but why not stop and enjoy life’s precious moments with our loved ones and or even just take time to look at the trees, insects, birds and just enjoy those precious moments!!

I love Living in the moment walks because it helps me clear my head and heart…here’s my mile marker, time to go back…I am now able to take on challenges in life alittle better.. if you take a walk you will be able to do the same.. with or without the views  🙂 we’re so blessed here in Maine with beautiful scenery…. but no matter I’m sure you can find a nice place too!!


Living in the moment, taking in the lake…. noticing the loon making sounds and floating along…enjoying the fall foliage that seems like it magically appeared on the trees!! Do you see some of the outside branches a fiery reddish orange!! Love it!! And do you notice the sun peeking thru the trees and shining on the fallen damp leaves In the other pic… so beautiful…



Living in the moment, taking the time to enjoy nature, it really slows us down and reduces our anxiety level and gives us the ability  to return to our routines with more enthusiasm and peace. I absolutely love it and am determined to do it more regularly!! Hope You can too. What i Also find helpful is meditating on spiritual things. I love this too!. …. 

Thanks so much for reading, and following along!  Have a wonderful day!! 😘😘


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