Wonderful Morning walk, a blessing to start the day!!

This morning walk was awesome, I’m so glad I decided to get myself out of bed for it!! I was determined to get up early, wake my baby girl to go with me. Then off we went after breakfast!! I recalled that when the kids were babies I’d have to get the stroller ready to take them out for a walk, now they walk with me 😉 I love it!!

This morning sun was so amazing!! It was in the 30’s & I was loving the sun!! Yes I wore my snow pants, and was layered on top with my long sleeve shirt, sweater and jacket!! Yes it could be the reason it took the chill off & felt bearable to step out!! Let me tall you, I hate being cold but I’m finding that after a good stroll I feel too hot!! So I’m trying to find a balance and figure out what to wear still!!

We so need to get our fresh air during these crazy time more than ever!! Hope you can get outside & even talk a short stroll!! Be safe friends!! Thanks for visiting & following along!! Have a wonderful day 🙂

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