Let it snow, the first Nor’easter in Maine 2020-2021!

Hello y’all!! Hope everyone is well!! How are you holding up these days?? Hope everyone is healthy & happy….& Hope the friends in the New England area are holding up in this extreme weather!! I was super excited for the first snow storm of the season yesterday and it didn’t disappoint!! Super gorgeous snow, it was the wet and sticky stuff that beautifully attaches to everything!! I think we got 8 inches total and a mix of sleet and rain to begin the snow event!!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy!! I just love snow!! What do you think?

One part I’m not that fond of is the challenges that come with these snow storms, I’ll tell you about some of these on another post!! Lol😂. For now we’ve enjoyed the snow, sledding and making snow cones already 🙂 let it snow!!

Thanks for reading, visiting and following along:) Have a wonderful day, afternoon or night!! Stay safe friends 🙂

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