This years walking highlights, Inspiration to help-you!!

What can you say about 2020? I can say a lot but one things for sure is that we’ve had to survive the coronavirus & self-quarantine & lockdown mode!! Oh my!! But despite the negative, I must say I appreciate so much our walking journey this year more than any other!! It was our escape from our 4 walls, a way to destress & stay on track of our fitness goals!!

These are some of the pics that we’ve taken on our journey!! I didn’t post or mention some of these but you can see the changes in scenery & seasons!! We walked in the summer when it was hot, in the rain, in the beautiful fall season when the foliage was at its peak and now in the cold winter weather!! We walked a lot!! My average was up this year, my app shows I walked on average 1.4 miles a day 🙂 yipppeee!! So that means my kiddos walked about as much too!!

What are your goals for next year? Do you plan to give walking regularly a try? Why not… it’s pretty inexpensive. You just need a good pair of walking or running shoes, some time and alittle bit of dedication to get out there :). it’s hardest for me when it’s cold but layering up and having a good pair of gloves, hat and a warm jacket is a must!!

There are so many good reasons to get walking! You will feel so much better getting outside, you’ll enjoy nature a bit.. destress & get those feel good endorphins from it!! Also if you have kids, you can use this time to bond with them 🙂 and those tight jeans will start to feel abit looser the more you get yourself moving 🙂

We had good experience on our walks!! You probably will too!! We found blackberries, raspberries and even pumpkins on our adventures before!! We even met up with a friendly black cat and other wild life!! We even saw a porcupine hanging off a tree!! We’ve never seen that before!! So cute!! We’ve seen Ground hogs, chickens & ducks!! Even sheep!! We even had someone give us some duck eggs to try!! Hmmm We found out duck eggs were abit too rich for us 🙂 but that was so sweet of someone on one of our walking trails 🙂

We hiked mountain trails at a few different places like Bradberry Mountain & Tumble down Mountain in Weld!! We walked at the beach, we walked while camping-we ended up getting our shoes stuck in the mudd!! Those were fun times!!

I hope your walking year was amazing & I hope next years will be even better 🙂 I hope that we can keep our average up, and we can remain healthy & happy too!! Hope you can walk to destress & get those feel good endorphins going 🙂 best wishes on your fitness goals for next Year!! I Hope to post alittle more regularly so we can inspire each other too 🙂

Thanks for following along 🙂 Have a wonderful day, evening or night!! 🥰🥰😘 Happy trails!!

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