Molting Deer, Our cute wildlife encounter today!! Hey we sorta molt too!! lol!

Hello & Good day!!!! Hope you are enjoying the weather!! Here in Maine, it’s been alittle wet & dreary… but our grass that is so green after rainy days and many trees need it!! So i won’t  complain, lol!!

Today’s inspiration comes from our wildlife encounter with deer yesterday!! we seen about 3, then shortly after another one must have joined the group!!

An interesting fact about deer is that they shed their winter coat in the warmer months and in colder months, so as you can tell the ones I saw today were molting into their warm weather coats that are fine, short reddish hair.. The change to their spring coat helps them stay cool In the  summer!! but it was still really interesting to see them walking along, mangy looking and all!! They are like us on our bad hair days! 😂 But they still look cute and very natural!! If you want more deer facts go to

So as warmer weather comes our way we’re kinda like these deer, we lighten up on our heavy coats and gear, maybe even lose alittle weight to look good or descent in our swimsuits… like these darlings!! Good reason to lose alittle weight… right?? Hope you are all having fun getting out and exercising or increasing your steps!!


Hope you enjoy these pics, aren’t they cute? Just Had to share, I love seeing wildlife….thanks for visiting,,



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