Are you camping ready?? Happy Camping season in New England is here!! Yay!

Just like that we went from winter to spring in what seems like super fast fashion, now it’s time to plan our fun for the summer!!  With school almost out, do you have your camping adventures planned??

This Memorial Day weekend we saw our first tent and campsite set up for the season!! It got me excited for our camping plans!! Woo hoo!! This one wasn’t ours but doesn’t it look inviting??  There weren’t many at this campground but hey at least it was quiet, and they looked like they were having fun!! It was a gorgeous weekend for it too!


For some folks camping season can be anytime of the year but for our family, especially me I  don’t like to be cold especially if my home will be in a a tent for a  couple of nights so we usually wait till it’s abit warmer at night!! And we won’t wait to long because again it gets cool again at night closer to September…

Here’s in Maine there are so many beautiful places to set up your tent!! Some remote hiking and camping spots, remote boating campsites, some campground campsites and some places both!!  Even cabins! Also one thing I learned is that some people have family camps, a home usually in the mountains or near a body of water!! Individually owned and shared, how fun is that… most with all the amenities…very cool!!

Where do you like to go? I’m sure there are beautiful places your way!! We love southarm campground @ Richardson Lake!! Very beautiful…


Here’s My Camping checklist…


camp chairs

sleeping bag

cooking equipment..



mosquito spray

flashlight, emergency kit

Rain jacket, sweaters, warm socks..

Portable battery charger



I’m sure I’m missing something but will add more in a later more detailed blog…! There is a lot to bring along but imagine sitting in your camp chair sipping on coffee overlooking a beautiful vista!! It’s totally worth it!! My husband wanted a rocking camp chair… So awesome.. we didn’t get it this time but I think we’ll add that to the list… lol!! I also picked up… a cook stand and a two burner stove this year, can’t wait to use those…

One thing we want to splurge on soon are these cool chairs!

Well I hope you have a wonderful time wherever you may be found adventuring This summer, and if you haven’t tried tenting, you can learn to like it, like me, so why not try it… and for you mothers, you can do It… there are a lot of videos to help you set up your campsite, I’m glad my hubby does ours but I need to learn so I can show you!! I read there are even courses people can take, or even programs that help with helping families get out into nature and put up a tent… kudos to that!!

Thanks for visiting…have a wonderful weekend!!

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