The start of our Ikea Pantry project! Great DIY project if you need storage!

Hi Y’all!! Today’s an exciting day at the cabin!! The start of our Ikea Pantry!! yay!!

So to start off, the hubby prepared the area by spacing it off the floor, he built a small platform, he made sure nothing was sticking out of the drywall surrounding the opening as well….

For this project we are using 6 ikea sektion kitchen cabinets, 2 sizes 18 & 24 inches!! We’ll be finishing it up with 4 doors.. 2 large and 2 small, it’s going to look awesome!!

This project can’t be completed fast enough!! Moving in before all our storage was available makes for towers of moving boxes cluttering up our home, so it will be so nice when we have a place to put our things!! For now let’s say it isn’t an ideal situation, but we are trying to make the best of it!!

I’m so glad my hubby is the talented carpenter and my DIY specialist!! I help design and plan, he makes it happen!! I wanted a Pantry, he makes it happen! He came up with this Ikea hack!! Yasss.. we also got help from an associate in the kitchen department at Ikea!  Muchas gracias!! Can’t wait to show the final masterpiece!! For now here’s the progress..

Step 1: platform, start of the project


So if you’re in need of more storage, we definitely recommend Ikea!!

Thanks so much for visiting, I will post an update when the project is complete!! Have a wonderful day!!


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