Devils Back Trail, easy fresh air hike near the coast of Maine!!

I was so exited to see that the Devils Back Trail made the news in Maine tonight!! It was announced as an easy hike to get fresh air before the snow hits!! I was so excited because we were just there this week!! This trail is a fairly easy hike, and linked with another trail that is located across the road makes for a good hike to get your heart pumping & great way to get your exercise!!

The Trail is located on Orrs Island, Maine. The address is 1203 Harpswell Island Road Orrs Island, ME!!

This was a lovely trail starting from the parking lot 🙂 We enjoyed this trial, loved the coastline and ocean views!! My kids loved playing with the seaweed, hugging and climbing trees & eating & playing with the snow along the trail!!


Hope you are well and enjoying the winter months!! Also hope you can get some fresh air to help with this stressful time no matter where you live!! Stay safe & hope you’re keeping positive & appreciative!! Being in nature really help with that!! We enjoyed this trail, glad we could share it with you!! 🥰🥰😘😘😘

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