If we could only Make everyday a special Portland headlight lighthouse day!!

I know, I know you may be asking how can I do that?? You may not even live next to the ocean, let alone a lighthouse!! But isn’t it true when we visit the beach usually near where a lighthouse is kept, you feel calm even refreshed because it’s such a serene place??? Well you can find ways to get those feelings, feelings that a place like the lighthouse evokes!! In this post we talk about that, & I’ll share my favorite lighthouse pictures we visited this past weekend with you!! I love 💗 Maine!!

This pandemic can cause so much stress, it’s definitely changed our lives in so many ways!! So it’s so important to find ways to relax & enjoy even the small things in life!! We need to find ways not only to do so in a safe way but in ways that helps us enjoy life alittle more :).

How can we get those feel good endorphins? Feeling of calm & tranquility?? Some people use exercise to feel calm, & reduce stress levels… others use other ways!! What about you, what other ways can you think of? Others find joy in hobbies?? Hiking? Biking? Swimming? Photography??? Getting together safely with friends? Dancing??

Portland Headlight

Portland Headlight is my all time favorite lighthouse!! It’s absolutely gorgeous here!! It Never disappoints, never… not even in winter!! I love how when you enter the park and as your driving over the hill you anticipate the view of the ocean!! That’s my favorite….

Portland Headlight, My Favorite headlight!!

This is such a special place & It’s one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world!! Woo hoo!!

It’s a wonderful place to visit!! A place to enjoy the ocean, the beautiful views of the lighthouse & I love that so many people come here!!

So visiting such a wonderful place, instills such pleasant thoughts & calms our busy minds!! So why not try to get these feeling for ourselves by other means even though we can’t always visit our most favorite lighthouse:). Go ahead and get outside & enjoy nature too.. it’s so amazing!! Best wishes in your de stressing journey too!!

Thanks for visiting 🙂 Hope you’re well & having a wonderful fall!! Have fun keeping on & enduring during this pandemic time!! 💗💗

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