Why you’ll love the White Mountains in Fall, & hiking the Arethusa Falls loop!!

Fall is here, & the colors are full bloom!! A wonderful time to enjoy the change of season & take in the beautiful colors…the deep reds, orange, yellows, bright golds, & browns!! I love love love it!! It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the leaves!!! Where do you go for your leaf peeping excursion??

We just had to take a drive, because even though we have foliage changing all around our home it’s not at peak yet. We wanted to be fully immersed in the bright colors of fall!! So immersed we were, we had an amazing time hiking & driving to the white mountains in New Hampshire!! The colors & scenery was amazing!! Here are some pictures of our adventure & easy ways to add fall color to your home, fashion, style, & taste buds 🙂

Heading out of Maine & into the mountains of New Hampshire was a delightful trip!! This is what it looks like as you enter the white mountains!! I loved seeing the mountains in the distance 🙂

We parked at the bottom parking lot!! I love that there were so many people hiking here too!! We met some people visiting from the Boston area. It was beautiful to see so many oriental families here. We didn’t realize we were going to climb the cliff in the distance!! It was quite the trek but it was well worth it!!

You can hike this trail in different ways!! Out & back or the entire 4 mile loop!!

Our hike consisted of going the 4 mile loop starting at the Frankenstein Cliff trail!! As we walked along we saw a lot of mushrooms along the trail, on the ground & on dead trees! My daughter loved taking pictures of them, they were very interesting 🙂 what do you think?

I loved the colors in the trees as well as along the ground!! We felt like we were getting a warm embrace among the trees but also on the ground!! We enjoyed walking along the freshly fallen colorful leaves on this portion of the trial 🙂

What a delightful find!! Train tracks…so pretty!!
Can’t beat leaf peeping from here!!
Amazing Frankenstein Cliff!!
Arethusa Falls

Then we finally reached Arethusa Falls!! I felt like I was abit out of shape because my legs hurt by this point but it was delightful to cool off!! I think we had walked 3 miles already!! We enjoyed the mist & cool breeze coming off the falls!! It was also neat to see people of all ages coming up the trail from the parking lot!! I was impressed that older people were pacing themselves going up the trail too!! The out & back trail from the parking lot to Arethusa Falls trail is listed as family friendly, I think we’ll try that trail if we bring friends or family that are not regular hikers 🙂 So as they were climbing up the trail we were going down because we started at the other end of the loop!!

Yay we finished the entire loop!! We also encountered another part of the train track, it was so beautiful nested among the colorful trees!!

So on this hiking trip we enjoyed each other’s company & the foliage was amazing!! We also loved this loop trail!! It was So full of color, cliffs, streams and the largest single waterfall in New England!! It was So worth the effort & the hike!!

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