Wild mushroom farro soup & Watching squirrels!!

Hello everyone, today’s post is all about how fun it was to watch hard working squirrels gather leaves while eating my mushroom Farro Soup!!

58063113-B4DE-4B74-A083-B487F2E8B9C8.jpegI decided to pick up a soup from Forage Market, they make the best Bagels! I picked up a garlic bagel to go with my soup, it was a perfect combo!!

The soup I chose was also vegan and called Wild Mushroom Farro soup, I was very surprised to find out it was very yummy!! I’d like to replicate something like it, I love making soup and combining flavors..

It was my first time trying Farro! What is Farro you may ask? It is a whole grain with a chewy texture and nutty taste.

So delicious!!


So as I’m minding my own business, sitting in my vehicle  enjoying my soup before heading to pick up my daughter from school, and I notice a lot of movement among the trees!! The closer I look I notice squirrels busily working with things in their mouths, up and down and across trees!! Some jumping to other trees then disappearing but in one particular tree, the one pictured you can see that the squirrels were busy putting together a nest!! I hadn’t been sure what it was carrying in its mouth but now I know it was leaves!! I watch as a squirrel goes up that particular tree, put its leaves in place then go down and then up again… but i also notice that when it puts the leaves on the nest…it watches for a bit, it was watching  some of the leaves fall back down… it stand there almost watching and examining the problem… then it goes down the tree again… to collect more….so funny and cute. These guys are so smart but this one was obviously having nest issues!!! Lol! It was so entertaining to watch!

It so Important to take the time and enjoy what’s around you, it’s the little things that bring us joy,,, like these little squirrels!! I find that sometimes even in parking lots, probably most of you guys live in cities, you see dogs looking like they’re ready to drive off.. so funny!! Or even flowers as your walking or the sound of birds,,, so refreshing!!

So that’s my nature story today, thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful day!! If you try farro, let me know what you think?? I really liked it¡!

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