Wonderful snowed in day, Patriots were awesome!!yay!!

This past Sunday, most of Maine consisted of being snowed in….and for our family, football (NFC championship game), more football (AFC championship game)!! Snow, sleet and frigid weather!!! So much fun!! We loved our snow day!!

Here are some pics of the weather we experienced, we ended up getting about 10 inches here in the central part of the state, western Maine got about 18 inches!! We also got sleet and freezing rain, which dropped our snow totals a-little, but that’s ok!! I’m sure we’ll have more snowstorms headed our way soon!! 


No loss of power at our house, which made for an evening of football!! My 8 year old was a tad bit bored, but polishing mamas nails always helps and playing games on Roblox!! Bruno our dog didn’t know what to think of all the hooting and hollering but he was available for comfort if needed, and relieve some anxiety!! If you watched the game you’d understand!! My friend with COPD had her oxygen ready! Lol!! We love her she’s cute, she loves Gronk!!! Lol!! Bruno’s So cute Too!!

What an amazing Patriots game!! Woo hoo!! Super Bowl bound baby!! Yay!! Patriot fans everywhere in Maine and New England are celebrating for sure!! Including our family!! Woo-hoo!! Now on to more fun-times February 3rd 6:30 pm, Super Bowl Llll!!! Yay!!

So it was overall a great weekend!! Sometimes we just have to relax, stay in and enjoy a great game!! Hope you had an awesome time too!!

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