Hiking despite not finding your trail, silly but fun day!!

OMG!! When you set out to hike a new trail with friends but you were confused with the trail signs & go on another one instead!! 😂

We had a wonderful hike on the Baldface Circe trail, in New Hampshire!! We didn’t make the entire loop but made it alittle over 2.5 miles up the hill!! So What was supposed to be 1.6 Miles turned into over 5 miles round trip!! We enjoyed the views, brooks, waterfall, nature & each other but it was so funny!! We were abit disappointed because we didn’t find any open views but oh well, another reason to come back 🙂

The Baldface circle loop trail is apx 9.8 miles long 🙂 wowza it’s the most challenging in the Evan’s notch area!! What no wonder we were struggling alittle!! 😂 😂

The drive there

The mountain area we hiked was in New Hampshire not too far from the Maine state line!! I so enjoyed the drive up there, passing lakes and places like Norway & Waterford, Maine!! So picturesque!! Quaint towns & and cool places along the way like Keoka Lake in Maine!! Pretty!!


I packed a tuna salad for lunch!! I put a bed of lettuce in a container, in a small baggie I put a can of drained tuna & balsamic dressing !! When it was time for lunch I just emptied the baggie into the lettuce, It was so delicious, simple & nutritious!! Also a combo of fruit, nuts with alittle but of chocolate mixed in!! & H20!!

Tuna salad with Balsamic dressing 🙂



So I’d have to say the highlight of our trip was the waterfall we seen before we headed back to our vehicle!! Unfortunately my friend had to go back home in time for work!! Oh man!! We had another 10 mins to see the clearing & get a view of the Land!! Oh well next time!!

So although we didn’t find our intended hike, we are more familiar with this area & thus circle now!! Id love to so rhe entire loop sometime!! We also know where we went wrong & are excited to go back to hike the correct trail next time!!

If you like this post you may enjoy my last post about the Portland Headlight have fun keeping on & enjoying outdoor adventures 🙂


Im a mother, blogger and have come to enjoy the wonderful outdoors living in Maine for over 20 yrs!! Its been a whirlwind of change and never ending projects at our homes that helped me see the need to be physically active and work towards healthy eating, and a balanced mind!! My passion in life is inspiring others to make good changes, besides getting out and exercising what has helped me is the bible and its message of hope :) My Blog is all about the many projects in life we have, the good eats-food (vegetarian, and vegan included) that im cooking up in the kitchen, and the gorgeous nature inspiration: all of which helps me feel happy!! I love sharing with you!! follow along & be inspired!!

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