Wet & cooold walk with Bruno, & Rv flooring project!!

Good afternoon friends!! It’s been raining here in Maine for a couple days now!! We even lost power for a few hours yesterday!! Wowza, they said it was our first Nor Easter!! Well there just not snow yet!! Yay for that!!

So our morning break consisted of getting out for a one mile walk!! I love taking pictures along the way!! Unfortunately Bruno does not!! He looks so much cuter when his ears are not pushed back!! 😂 what do you think??

He looks like a wise dog, doesn’t he? 😂

So today was a jam packed day, including picking up flooring for our fixer upper Rv we purchased about a month ago!! We’re replacing the floor, so this past weekend it was ripped out & replaces so now it was my turn to do alittle work!! I spend almost a couple hours at Home Depot, looking & picking out flooring!! What a task… if I wasn’t so rushed it would have been easier but I had to get to Buxton to pick up a used jackknife couch for it too!! Well thankfully I did both & now I’m relaxing finally!!

I chose the stick vinyl tile! We’ve looked up & seen that linoleum is a better option but alittle more challenging to put in for the hubby!! I loved the plank tiles but I was talked out of that because of the weight! I chose the honey oak vinyl stick tiles!! We figured for what they cost we can always replace with plank flooring later!! We’ve seen motorhome with actual real hardwood in them before.. that looks real cool but heavier then plank flooring 🙂

So despite being a wet & rainy we got so much done & were able to enjoy a simple meal of defrosted smoked chicken I put away for a day like today!! Put some jasmine rice & defrosted a mix of spinach & veggies!! So yummy!!

Hope you’re well & enjoying the last days of fall!! Enjoy 😉

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