Beautiful Fresh air walk along the river!!!

Today’s outdoor excursion took us to the riverwalk!! It’s a beautiful spot along the Androscoggin River!! It was abit chilly today and overcast but still really nice!!

Todays fun came with some challenges, my son and myself woke up with tummy trouble possibly from a virus or something!! I was ok to walk but my son was dragging!! Really dragging… but I knew the walk would be good for him… Funny thing, after the walk he was feeling himself’s  been shown that fresh air is good medicine!! So true!!

Another challenge was that it was abur chillier than we thought it was going to be, so I didn’t wear the right jacket! I didn’t even wear a hat!! Brrr… but once we got walking, I was fine!! The icy and slushy spots were also abit challenging but we did wear our waterproof winter boots, So we overcame that one ok!! We had to walk like penguins at times…. Yay!! The runner in her running shoes, I Tried to warn, wasn’t so lucky!! Poor thing!! Her friends headed the warning though!! lol!! But the great thing is that didn’t stop the group, they just kept on running!! Great job guys!!

The kiddos enjoyed the walk, hanging out with the ducks and playing in the snow mounds too!! So glad we went despite how we felt earlier…


Always a wonderful thing to do, get outside enjoy nature and the beauty of the outdoors!! It can even be therapeutic and natural medicine! Love it!!  I also loved admiring the peaceful river and watching the kiddos play and chase the ducks around!!

Thanks for visiting, hope you had a wonderful day!!!


Proper footwear for the weather…

Affiliate link, Amazon’s choice boot!! I recommend wearing this type boot during slushy wet walks…click on photo for more info..

I wear this exact one, with an added insole for support!! Love them and with thick wool socks.. they are perfect! Cute too!!
My boots!!

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