Learning from exceptionally positive people during my Jog around the river!!

Do you ever meet people that have imparted to you something positive because of something they’ve said? Or experience they’ve shared, Or maybe because of the type of spirit they show? Sometimes we meet people that you can learn something from. That’s what happened when I met Mike & his Dog named D-O-G-!!

I think we all feel alittle downhearted sometimes!! As This pandemic drags on we can sometimes feel alittle sorry for ourselves & yearn for those good old times when we could live a somewhat normal life!! Right?? So on this day filled with so much anxiety, I went for a jog to destress & get my exercise in and met a nice fellow & his dog! My encounter with them brought me alittle inspiration & helped me be just alittle more positive & alittle more thankful!!


It was a lovely jog around the river, but this time I didn’t have Bruno!! Which was ok, I felt free!! FREEEE!! 😆.

Meeting Mike & D-O-G

Thanks Mike for sharing your life experience with me & chatting with me about our love of Dogs & Pets!!

D-O-G is 8yrs old, and is a therapy dog 🙂 he’s Mikes world, as Mike has lost his wife, mother in law & father in law in Georgia! His wife died on their kitchen floor, the in-law in the bedroom and another due to illness! He mentioned his home was overtaken by rats, his dogs catching 2 a day until it was overtaken by them! So sad!! But he’s now in an apartment & living here in Maine with DOG!! Despite hardship this man has such a positive spirit!! He said if a person can pet a dog for even 5 mins it makes a world of difference!! I must agree!! It makes us so thankful to God for our wonderful companions!!

I love Meeting such inspirational people because I love their positive spirit despite hardships!! Thanks Mike! You made my day!!

This also helps us see that often we feel bad or frustrated with our circumstances, and that’s ok but there are others that have had it a lot worse than you have!! So treasure the precious moments with your loved ones, enjoy the health you have when you have it, Give thanks everyday, and keep a positive attitude!! We often deal with mice but can you imagine dealing with Rats??? 😮 wowza!!

One thing that helps to keep positive is getting outside, walking, jogging, or running 🙂 get yourself moving 🙂 it’s a good way to get those feel good endorphins going 🙂 which helps you think clearer under stress 🙂

Hope you’re well & having a great winter!! Stay safe!!

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