Adorable Inspiration from little voices…“A Million Dreams” ukulele version!!

There are so many things that can inspire us, move us and encourage us! What inspires you?

I find that being outdoors experiencing nature and clearing your mind is one for me, as well as reading and studying the Bible!! But another thing I absolutely love is little singing voices!!  As I’m listening to the concert at my kids school, an elementary school concert by grades 3rd thru 6th grade…..I can’t help feeling moved by these little guys!! Funny how you can hear the same song on the radio, and ya you like it… or maybe not even heard the song but fall right in love with it when a little person sings it!! Add a musical instrument and you’re moved to tears! Last year my kids weren’t even in the concert and I had the same emotions!!  This year my daughter sang the “papaya” song too! The song “A Million Dreams” that you’ll get the opportunity to hear also has an inspirational message of hope that adds to the beautiful singing….

So today I’m sending positive vibes your way with the song  “a million dreams” from “The Greatest Showman” movie!!  played along with the ukulele and sang by 5th and 6th graders!! It’s such a beautiful rendition!!  Its recorded from the concert for you.. and to respect the privacy of the elementary school students you will just hear the song! Hope you like it!!

Adorable Inspiration from little voices…“A Million Dreams” ukulele version!!

Adorable ukulele version..

A Million Dreams, ukulele version with vocals

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Arts Departments at our schools & Home

What a wonderful arts program at our schools! I feel it’s a wonderful skill for our children and students!! If you don’t have a music program at your school check out your community for private lessons or you can help your child learn online… my sons music teacher has taught him and 5th and 6th grade students the recorder and ukelele and he loves it.. he is also in band and plays the saxaphone!! Instruments can be purchased at music stores ir online.. if you’re interested in a Ukulele. It can be purchased online on amazon with starter well….. 

your kids will love it!! It’s a beautiful and relaxing sound…even when they start learning…lol..


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Have a wonderful day!! Thanks for visiting!!

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