L💙vin plows!! Winter driving on the Maine turnpike!! Low visibility is real!!

I’m so glad to be home, warm and cozy in my home….sweet home!!  Sometimes these situations come up where the weather sneaks up on you and you start off driving , it starts off fine and then the low visibility mentioned in the weather advisory is staring you in the face mins later,


And you’re thinking ha this is what they were talking about!!  Weird that even during the day….you can barely see and it can come on fast and furious… we were on the road because we were invited to a going party and normally attend a Spanish meeting in south Portland about 45-60 mins from our home!!  Of course due to the weather we headed back home early and cancelled our plans to attend the party afterward… which we found out later was cancelled due to the weather!!

Kudos to the wonderful people of the Maine Turnpike and the plow drivers!! The world in any winter wonderland wouldn’t move without you!! Maine is awesome when it comes to cleaning, clearing and treating the roads!! Today unfortunately despite the mph reduced to 45, the accumulation was coming down so fast, it was hard for them to keep up!!

We 💗 seeing the plows doing their jobs and treating the roads with a Salt-mixture!! Even working together to keep us safe on the roads!


So thankful for 4 wheel drive!! Always good to slow down and not be overconfident though!! One fella lost control of his truck today, bad news for him….slow down!! Crunch!! Thanks to my buddy and son who took my pictures this afternoon!! Or we’d be the ones being towed along this fellow!! lol


It’s sad that in some places snow can cripple an entire state if they are not equipped to clear the roads like in Washington state for example..they declared  a state of emergency!! I think they are ok now…glad spring is headed your way soon.  But good job state of Maine!! We can handle this…

I’m so glad to be home, ever so grateful to enjoy the falling snow from home now 🙂 yay… and as a reminder if you’re on snow filled roads….slow down!! Also another lesson is stay home if you don’t have to go anywhere, even if it’s a function….it’s ok to decline due to the weather… especially if there’s an advisory…

Some people are returning to their homes from winter vacation fun..from Massachusetts and Newhampshire and other places! So on the turnpike going south on the weekend you will see more vehicles on the road, this was neat to see today..be safe driving home,,, can you can tell they came up to snowmachine?? Here is a picture of one of the trailers we seen today……Hope you guys had fun!


Thanks for visiting,  be safe this evening!!




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