Cute couple at the top of Bradbury Mountain!! Snowmobiling is popular in Maine!!

On top of Bradbury mountain!! We were fascinated to see a snow machine/snow mobile and A cute couple, Ashley & Bruce from North Yarmouth, Maine enjoying 7” of fresh powder on their ride!! It was a gorgeously mild day at Bradbury mountain!!



A popular activity here in Maine, according to with over 280 snowmobile clubs and 4000 miles of primary trails known as (ITS) Interconnected Trail System, and an additional 10000 miles of groomed trails!! So much fun!! Here at Bradbury mountain, there are shared trails for cross country skiing, hiking, snowmachining, horse back riding, and even mountain biking!!


My snowmobiling story

My husband took me on a ride before, it was so much fun… we drove on a trail near his parents in Milton Maine to a McDonald’s in Rumford! Over 10 miles away…..Yay! Many years before kiddos!  My daughter hasnt experienced snow machining yet but hope to the kiddos for a ride soon!! They are 8 and 12, life has kept us busy, and we haven’t bought ourselves these cool machines!! I think I would go really slow, I’m surely no expert, except years ago, I almost threw my father in law off once, he was teaching me how to ride in his field!! 😂 I guess I can be a wild driver!! Oops…

My husband, the Mainer has grew up with snowmachines, but it was a new experience for me!! There has been a lot of new experiences for this city west coast girl!! Love it!! Hope you can try it someday… I know a lot of people I know haven’t experienced it before because it’s not a popular thing back home, but it’s a neat thing to get into!

Absolutely cute couple

This cute couple on top of Bradbury…aww love this picture!! Love thier gear too! So sweet! Thanks for allowing me to take your picture!! Hope you had a wonderful excursion!!


Thanks for visiting, hope your having an awesome day!!





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