Fishing fun & finding your own worms, Maine adventures at the lake!!

We had a lovely time fishing, I Absolutely love my fishing pole!! It was a gift from my hubby!!  It’s only been used s few time and this last time I was so thrilled to catch something, i think it was a small northern pike!! We threw it back in…these guys are pretty prehistoric looking, like a small dinosaur…yikies!!

I wished my husband & kiddos could have caught something too, they would have been thrilled but maybe next time!!
 I Absolutely love my fishing pole purchased on amazon, If you need a man version they have those too!

The most exciting part for my daughter was finding our worms!! She loves playing with worms and dirt!! With this Pandemic going on there is a lack of worms and stores that carry them so we had to dig up our own worms! Interestingly we did it the old fashioned way using a shovel but we learned about a new or different technique called worm grunting!! Hope to try it sometime, it requires two sticks one with notches taken out and the other is used to scrape the notches in a back and forth up and down motion that causes vibration and worms to come out!!  It’s like magic they say!!  I can’t wait to try!!   Anyways here’s our small loot!! If you fish you have to handle these things, I know it’s kinda gross!! But once you get the hang of it, it’s nothing!!  You can even put it on your own hook like a champ!  😂 Now taking fish off the hook is a different story, I’m still screaming and getting excited about this part!! 😂 Ahhh!!

Our Catches of the day!! I caught my small fish with a small hula popper that resembles a fish!! It was like a purplish pink one!!

Family fun

We had a wonderful night fishing!! We started out picking up chicken from the deli, bread and a bag of chips then having a picnic!! After we went on our two mile walk then went to our fishing spot!! We had a wonderful evening!!  Hope you’re well and enjoying your outdoor adventures & surviving this quarantine!! Fishing is a great way to pass the time, it’s so easy to do and you don’t need a lot of supplies!!

Thanks for visiting, Have a wonderful day!! Happy fishing!!


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