Maine beaches are absolutely gorgeous!!-Popham Beach!

We spent a wonderful day at Popham beach with a friend and her daughter yesterday!! Popham Beach, Maine! We had a wonderful time despite the chilly ocean breeze!!

We love coming to the ocean, just the beauty of the beach, the fun we have playing with sand, the beauty of the waves, and the picturesque views around us is awesome!

We also love playing in the water, The kiddos especially!!  I didn’t this time but the kiddos still got in the water and played on their boogie boards, I on the other hand hand to go back for my sweater… brrrr!! Interestingly inland it was 85…or so but near the coast it was so much cooler, the only good thing about that is when we got back into town I really enjoyed the warmer weather 🙂 lol!!

On our adventure, I was thrilled to capture these sailboat pictures from a distance!!  it was neat to see it sailing in front of us far off in the distance!!

81966783-22F7-454F-B18D-278CADD7C7F35BF670D8-B753-4F36-B3F6-90F655F2318EACF2D4A2-8EF6-44C7-955A-A0D68C051057BDB0A81D-B620-4E14-B14A-3CC1094B643F Every time we visit the beach it’s a new adventure, I love living so close to the ocean… so if you are a Mainer, hope you can take advantage of our beautiful surroundings!  Thanks for Visiting!!

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