Bitter cold Mile!! Walking in challenging weather!! How you can do it too!

The last few days in Maine have gone from cold to brutally cold and windy!!! It’s been very challenging to get outside and walk or do any exercise for me!! Due to the weather and scheduling!! However before  the kiddos were on break bruno and I took a bitter cold walk!! It felt so good after, I have to admit my greatest challenge was  getting out the door! It’s always a mental thing you have to fight at that point!!  But one motivation was I had to try my new jacket, it’s Red, bright red, I love it!! After walking I noticed that The only problem were my gloves, they weren’t wind proof!!  And my hood didn’t stay on.. lol!,, !! So with the right gear you will be toasty warm!!  But i was So so glad I went!! So once you get past the weather issues, you’ll be glad you stepped out!! I was!!

I hope next year I could be more active especially in the winter time 🙂 What is your resolution??

Now that the kiddos are home for Winter break it’s been harder to get out and walk, but tomorrow will be a different story!! I will be walking on ice, and with an 8 yr old I think I’ll be exploring while the ice fishing is going on.. we will see!! Or maybe running, to get the traps!! Hmm..

Thanks so much for visiting!!

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