Our Country Home remodel; The Hardwood Floor Chapter

Little house of the Perry’s

Im so so excited that we’re moving forward on our remodel and hopefully soon we can move out of our apartment in the city and into our country home! Today you get a sneak peak at the floors!!

Our country home story takes place just mins away from the city but if feels like you’re in the woods!! It’s  a cute ranch style home we purchased years ago!! Our plan was to purchase the home as is, gut and remodel the entire 1200 sq ft of space!!

It’s our little house in the country! It’s surrounded by woods that gives you the feel of being in a lodge or cabin, it will be so beautiful once it’s done!!!! I love it already, can’t wait!!   We have neighbors on two sides of us and  across the street!!! it’s Alittle over an acre and half of land with lots of woods!! It’s not a huge amount of land but we love it!  Im so excited that our kiddos and our dog Bruno will have more room to play!! More info will be up on its page on my blog soon 🙂 and finished results will be coming soon too!! But for now here’s this part of the story!!

Sweat and Elbow grease: Hard Work always pays off!! Don’t you love it!! I think the floors came out amazing!! We have Hardwood in all the bedrooms and closets but we’ll put linoleum in the bathrooms and laundry area 🙂


It took months..several months to finish this part of the renovation, lots of sweat behind every piece of oak put down on this floor but we saved big bucks! Was it worth it? Yes for Sure!!

I helped with the laying of the living kitchen dinning room combo floor section!! I enjoyed putting the oak together arranging lines and spacing them, my son and daughter helped too!! It was fun!!

Im So glad my husband has great carpentry skills!!  Because I don’t!! I would not have been able to do this on my own,  or at all, so glad we could help him even just alittle!!

A word of caution, it’s a bit hard on your back, because you are bending down quite a bit!! So Take lots of breaks!! But it’s not too difficult,  for even my 12 yr old son was able to put the floor down with just alittle guidance!! Yay! I’m pretty proud of him, He helped tremendously on this part of the project and the roof! There are plenty of YouTube videos out there that can help you with flooring projects too!!

Some of the tools my husband recommends is An air asist-hardwood flooring stapler. With this tool, the hammer action closes the gap, then shoots the staple in place! So then it’s patiently putting it in one piece at a time baby!! For the edges my husband used a finish nailer and when he was closest to the wall, he used finish screws.. and a ratchet tool..the neat part is that it pushes off the wall and seeds the tongue into the groove!! My husband liked this tool the best!

DIY tips and budget friendly guide to renovations:Flooring

We used: Pre-finished oak, planno marsh red oak-Home Depot


If you order items in bulk, because even if they are carried at the store you can get a bulk discount!!  To get this special price, order them at the store and get a 10 percent bulk discount. Packages of 16 are required for bulk pricing. We ordered 48 boxes!! Bulk items come in whatever quantity they are packaged in. Inquire in store for items your interested in, depending on style and brand.

Hard Work always pays off for sure!!

So this chapter of our country home remodel story ends with beautiful hardwood floors that we can be proud of! So Love that we’re moving forward, except now it’s at super charged speed!! Yikes and Yay!! Thanks to my hun!!

Thanks for visiting!! Hope you like the update!! Have a wonderful evening and hope your projects are moving forward too!! Hopefully something in this post  is helpful to you!!!


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