Winter fun on lakes and ponds in Maine!!

Call it crazy!! Call it Wild!  But This is life here during the winter in Maine!!

Playing Hockey on a pond!! Beautiful…

Yes it’s coooold, but if you dress for it, it can be so much fun!!

I call it Winter Water fun; frozen water!! Some of the many activities on the ice can be walking, snowmobiling, ice fishing, ice skating, and playing hockey!! I think its amazing how much fun you can have on ice, enjoying the beauty of nature!!!

If you’re not from around here I know  it can be so foreign to be on the ice, it can even seem dangerous!! My friend from Angola, Africa couldn’t believe it!! She shrieked when she saw the sight!! It is So true that it can be dangerous, but there are ways to tell if the ice is safe to walk on. has wonderful information on ways to stay safe on the ice and helpful ways to determine if the ice is safe. One thing I noted was “blue to clear-high density; very strong, safest ice to be on if thick enough. Stay off if less than 4 inches (10 cm)!! So keep this in mind friends!!

Thanks so much for visiting!! Have a wonderful evening and enjoy your winter adventures wherever you may be found!!



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