Mainechica’s Food Find: Plant based meals at IKEA!!!!!!

I Love that IKEA has Vegetarian Options!! Like Veggie balls, and delicious veggie dogs!

If I would have noticed the veggie balls I would have had that for lunch, so went for the salmon this time!! I have no regrets It was so Yummy!!

Being what is called a flexitarian, means you don’t stick to one type of diet, for me this means I can have some vegetarian meals, vegan and or chicken/fish!!   According to this type of diet is a style of eating that encourages mostly plant-based foods while allowing meat and other animal products in moderation!! I think a plant based diet is better for you and the best choice when possible, however I can be flexible in what I choose to eat and not eat!! So I loved that IKEA has healthy food options!! Yay!

For dinner, and on our way out I had the veggie dog meal, which included an apple or chips and a drink!! I chose the Apple! What a cute meal!! The veggie dog was delicious, with a hint of curry!! Yumm!!

Veggie Dog: topped with pickled red cabbage, sweet & spicy mustard & toasted onions!!

Veggie Dog at IKEA

So on your next  visit to IKEA make sure you try one of these bad boys! You’ll love them!! Even My husband liked the bite he had,  yumm!

Stay tuned for the blog on  planning our dream kitchen !! We had a wonderful time and I’m going to absolutely love our new kitchen!

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