It was a super nice, but windy & chilly walk this evening!!

Yesterday we took a delightful but very chilly walk along the River!!! I hope you all stayed safe wherever you may be found!! Hope you are also  able to get out despite the weather in your area!! Here’s our adventure :). I will give you some suggestions for what to wear on these chilly days too 🙂
Bruno came along with the family on this walk!! He’s our 3 year old chocolate lab!! He did very good on the car ride over and back but not so well waiting for me at the store! Even though he stayed in the car with my husband & kids, he has anxiety issue when he sees strangers from his window!! I must work on that with him!!
Walks along any body of water is so relaxing & at night It has a special twilight feel to it!! So romantic!! 😂 I especially love bridges and the glow from light posts along the path and on the bridge too!! Do you like bridges?

What to wear in frigid weather

So on this night it was about 19 degrees but with the windchill it felt like 0!! Bundling up is so important when it’s this cold!! What do you wear in frigid weather like this? Here are my suggestions:  Gloves, snow pants, layered clothing with warm underwear, a hat, insulated boots, warm socks, insulated jacket with hood, & face mask and/or scarf!!
So after a busy day it was nice to go for an evening walk with the family & fur buddy too!! Yes it was cold but dressed appropriately it was wonderful!! Thanks for reading!! Have a wonderful night!!

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