Why Cold weather can be so much fun? Ice fishing on Sabbatus Lake!

Did you know that Cold weather can be so much fun?? When the lakes are frozen it’s awesome!! We loved taking in the blue vibes…. the sky, hues on the ice & the beauty of nature yesterday!! It’s also a bonus when you catch a fish or two!! Not only can you ice fish but you can also skate on a frozen lake!! Ride snow mobiles & and some people even play hockey!! So much fun!!

We were so excited we caught a small perch yesterday while on Sabbatus lake!! Woo hoo! Woo hoo!! Our first catch of the year!! My son saw the ice trap flag go up & off he went!! It was small so we put it back but he was so happy!! Plus perch aren’t that great to eat!!

Apparently March is a wonderful time to get out on the ice & people are taking advantage of warmer weather!!  While on the lake it was so nice to see so many enjoying the ice!! Families with their small children even!! Also a few vehicles were driving out there!! A person was skating and a group were playing hockey!! So fun!! We aren’t ones to drive our vehicle out on the lake by the way, even though the ice was very thick!! In some places it was like a foot and a half deep!! But nope we’re not willing to lose our vehicles, just in case!! We like to be on the safe side 😂

yesterday ice was wonderful!! Sometimes it’s mostly snow and it’s alittle more challenging to walk on. Ice can be slick so cramp ons or ice picks are important!! It was also a beautiful sunny winter day to make things like the temperature bearable!!
We truly love our ice fishing adventures, the kids love taking turns pulling each other & they love pulling even me in a sled!! They love Putting out  traps & having a meal on the ice!! On this trip we had a delicious Turkey, bean & carrot stew & a sandwich!! My sister in law sent over her chocolate wacky cake with peanut butter frosting & sun chips!! Yummy!! I Will be posting the soup recipe later this week!! Nothing compares to a hot soup on a cool day!! Just even eating something hot in the great outdoors has a special feel to it!!

So yes in many places it’s starting to warm up, and many are enjoying spring already and that’s wonderful!! We like to getting out in the garden but here in Maine we’ll be enjoying our ice for as long as we can 🙂 We’ll take advantage of whatever we can get & what we’re given 🙂 lol!! Hope you’re having fun!!


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