Take 2, Hiking the entire Devils Back Trail, Harpswell Maine :)

Hello everyone!! I’m so excited to share this second part of the Devils Back Trail with you all!! We did both trails including the west side of the trail for the first time today, last time we came we didn’t know there were two parts!! It was pretty!! Very winter wonderland & serene landscape on the this side!! The kids and I trekked thru the snow, this area got about 6 inches of fresh snow yesterday!! My Bella had snow shoes on which helped but the snow was fine to walk on with winter boots!! The east side however was slushy in parts & not great for my boots!! Waterproof boots highly recommended!! 😂 😆

Here are a few pics!! I especially enjoyed the green hues & winter white wonderland 🙂 it was so peaceful and calming 🙂  so thankful to live in such a beautiful state! Thankful also to the creator & his artistic talent!! I’m home now but I can still picture that blue sky and ocean views along the way to this hike!! Absolutely stunning!!

My favorite picture today!! What do you think??


Devils Back Trail

Hope you’re well have a wonderful day!! Hope you’re enjoying nature around you!! Hope you can relax, get outside & think positive too 🙂 Hang in there friends, with this crazy time we need to remember…this too shall pass…. 🥰🥰

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