Things to enjoy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, & some things we loved on our Road Trip!

Im so excited to share more about our trip, we loved Albuquerque New Mexico!!  Have you been to Albuquerque New Mexico?  its a very special place filled with lots of culture, & beautiful views!! It is also a place I want to go back and explore, &  it’s become a place dear to my heart too! We loved meeting friendly people, checking out the beautiful homes in the area & beautiful landscapes !! On this post I will share a few places that we think would be fun to visit & some yummy foods to try!! You will also get an idea of a Pueblo style home, as we were invited inside one!! So pretty!! 

Albuquerque New Mexico is known for its International Balloon Festival!! Sadly we were too early for this, because this is in October, the 7th-15th!! Sadly  we passed thru  in July!!  I love balloon festivals, we usually attend one in Maine but would love to attend this one at least once in our lifetime! Lol!! Although I haven’t attended like i mentioned, I have seen pictures and it looks amazing!!  

Another place I recommend visiting is the Sandia Mountains & ride the Tram! Unfortunately the Tram was sold out when we visited!! We were moving along on our roadtrip the following day so we didn’t enjoy the amazing views we heard about!! The Tram itself takes you over 10,000 feet over the Sandia mountains!! Imagine the beauty of  the Albuquerque New Mexic0 area when you’re on this tram!!  It is one of the things listed as a top To do activity in the area!! sounds amazing!! An interesting fact is they carry oxygen on board the tram just in case you get sick!! yikes!! The elevation here can be pretty intense, Warning!! We live in an elevation of less that 100 feet, sadly so it takes some getting used to in this area!! For some weeks, months to years!! ouch!! so going higher can be intense!!

Also it is a hot desert here so be prepared to keep hydrated!! Take in your electrolytes also!! If you can visit in the fall, winter I think it would be better 🙂 just a FYI 🙂



Adobe/Pueblo Style Homes

As I mentioned, I absolutely fell in love with the Adobe or Pueblo Style Homes in the area!! They are normally made of Mudlike material & have a distinct look to them!!  They are normally a brownish color!! So pretty!! 


Aren’t these homes amazing?? I love the southwest designs in the architecture here!!  Our friend invited us inside, and i fell in love with the style! I loved the neutral hues, browns, and earthy style, Tile, & stucco!! Our New friend invited us to a teen pool party, she was so hospitable!! Thanks Sylvie!! She also had Mexican style furniture & brown leather couches!! a beautiful combination! The ceilings were high & there was enough light but still a warm & inviting environment inside! Pretty!! she also had greenery around the inside of her house, & her exterior was perfectly manicured!!



Who doesn’t love to try new foods?? There was a few things we took note of while we were here, one is the green chili and a gravy type food that is usually put on top of hotdogs!!! So apparently New Mexico is known for its green chili’s!! Also it’s Mexican food too like tacos, tamales & moles!! I’ve had those before 🙂 so for me not too exciting but about this green & red chili,  Apparently the soil is what makes it special & the care taken to produce it!! Sounds good anyway!! Here’s a picture of the gravy for hot dogs!! interesting right?? So I dont love hot stuff, so for me the green chili was spicy for me, but my hubby liked it!! The chili gravy was good, it kinda tasted like bbq Fritos to me!! I just had a little taste anyway!! 

Green chili!!

So these are some of the things we loved on our road trip while passing thru New Mexico, we loved the friends we made, & the scenery!! We would love to return someday & like I mentioned before, preferable when it’s cooler!! We would love to take the tram up the Sandia Mountains & visit the hot air balloon festival too!! Hope this is helpful on your next trip to Albuquerque!! Or at least get an idea of what it is like!! 

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Have fun, explore nature & smile!! ✌️✌️🥰🥰

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