Fall walks are the best, especially with buddy!



Fall walks/jogs are the best!! I love having a fur companion too!! Sorry Yelp, the reps keep calling about advertising for my business & question my website!! I’m a blogger first, & small business owner too!! Lol!! I love blogging because it inspires me to inspire others!! So I will write about anything & everything that inspires me 🙂 so many bring themselves down & they bring others down too!! But that’s not me!! I try not to anyways 🙂 🥰🥰🥰

So As we maneuver thru life, it’s so important to balance everything with exercise & being active with having fun, being responsible & don’t let others bring you down!! Often I just want to watch a movie & just sitttt!! It’s So easy to do but when I dress the part & get out my Door, it’s easier to get out & jog/walk!! So go ahead & get moving 🙂 

Here’s my TikTok, jog/walk along the countryside!! It was such a pretty day!! 



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