Play dough baby, a cute baby shower game!!

So this past weekend, we attended a meet and greet baby shower for our dear friends baby!! He didn’t get a traditional baby shower because he was a preemie and stayed in hospital for weeks after in NICU unit!! Poor fella, but he’s doing great!! It was so nice to finally meet him! We’ve been sick so often we didn’t get to visit him in the hospital 🙂

The shower was so much fun!! There we’re Lots of games, my friend Jean always does a great job with the details!! The game I thought was so cute was the make a baby using playdough game!! The mother deciding the  winner!! I had a green playdough!!  I had the kids laughing at my baby!!

If you plan to have a shower for someone’s this is a great game to add to your evening!! It’s a great way to keep your guests busy and makes for great entertainment!! Makes a Great sensory activity Too 🙂

One suggestion is have everyone’s  baby displayed on a table with creators name hidden and revealed after!! Judge before or after…. Lol!!Have a wonderful time!!

Meet my playdough baby!! Isn’t he cute? I  had the kids laughing! Lol!! I didnt win but had a blast making this fella!! 

Thanks for visiting, following and liking my posts!! Have a wonderful day!!


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