Mindful Entertaining during COVID19!

We’ve been doing very little entertaining here at the house these last few months but we’ve had a couple friends drop by and realized that in this day and age entertaining has to be done so different than we’re used to!! Here are a few suggestions that may be helpful for when you start welcoming visitors again being mindful of limiting germs and contact with surfaces during this Pandemic 🙂

1. Entertain outdoors, so it’s so important to have a patio set or outdoor seating area 🙂


2. Make mindfulness rules visible for friends, some people revert to old habits of picking at food… Go ahead pull out the chalkboard and write it down your rules!!

3. Space chairs 6 feet apart between each family or individuals

4. Invite fewer people, or limit invitees to one family at a time!!

5. Single use containers, plates, utensils and cups! So after you use them just toss in the trash!!

6. Set up A sanitizer station

7. Individual drinks, condiments or saucers for condiments, individual chip bags.

8. Avoid buffet style dinners, limit contact with serving utensils by serving all your guests!! Serve things like burritos already made just needs to be reheated. For pizza, put on individual plates to be picked up my your guests.

9. Make as a rule to Restrict touching food to a persons plate.. think of fries, chips… please please don’t pick at all the other plates on the table!! Be mindful of spreading germs!!

10. Invite friends or family for a light snack or drinks outdoors, which Changes the idea of entertaining for many of us but this way we can still see our friends but limit contact with touching surfaces and things 🙂

Hope you are all well in this uncertain time in history and holding up with social distancing and stay at home orders!! Many people are so disappointed because they’ve had to change plans for the summer and or cancel party plans and I’m so sorry!! It’s definite better to be safe than sorry!! However now that many states are lifting restrictions I think we’re all looking forward to getting together with our friends, I feel we’ll have to approach things very differently…and for the time that we welcome visitors again I feel these things will be helpful!! Hope these tips are helpful for you!! Happy mindful entertaining!!



Im a mother, blogger and have come to enjoy the wonderful outdoors living in Maine for over 20 yrs!! Its been a whirlwind of change and never ending projects at our homes that helped me see the need to be physically active and work towards healthy eating, and a balanced mind!! My passion in life is inspiring others to make good changes, besides getting out and exercising what has helped me is the bible and its message of hope :) My Blog is all about the many projects in life we have, the good eats-food (vegetarian, and vegan included) that im cooking up in the kitchen, and the gorgeous nature inspiration: all of which helps me feel happy!! I love sharing with you!! follow along & be inspired!!

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